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Our home warranty company (Fidelity) assigned A/C Rescue to us for repair. I always hold my breath a little because we’ve not always been 100% happy with who they’ve sent to us. But Daniel with A/C Rescue was so great. He made quick work of cleaning our unit and adding freon. I give Daniel 5 stars!

Nancy Schriefer

Kenny serviced 3 of our rental homes and we’ll use him again. He answered my many questions. The tenants and their dogs liked him. I called my wife afterwards to say how much I liked him. One home had an older capacitor, and he showed me the readings and if I wanted it replaced.

Phil Cornelius

Kenny did a great job of fixing my A/C in a timely manner and provided excellent customer service !

Rick Pride III

Kenny did an amazing job getting me fixed and ready to go. My air is back blowing cool! What a life saver!

Torrey Littleton

These guys were top notch! Kenny showed up on time and even helped with my home warranty company. Kenny was professional and curious, and better, he fixed the problem in no time! Thank you A/C Rescue, Inc. You are on the top of my list!

Knox Keith

AC went out, and I used a home warranty to Dispatch the AC rescue team. Kenny contacted me was very helpful and friendly. He even gave me a heads-up when he was on the way. He was at my house for about 3 min before he found the issue took him another 5 min to repair the problem. AC is cooling, and all is good. Kenny was awesome!

Chris Farrill

Matt with AC Rescue was courteous, on time, and took the time to thoroughly explain the resolution to my problem. He even took photos of his work on his phone, showed them to me, explained the work he had done and even gave me tips on how to keep my system running smoothly. All this on a rainy, holiday no less!

Phillip Morales

Going through my home warranty for the first time had me nervous since I don’t get to pick the contractor, but Richard from A/C Rescue surprised me with the complete opposite of my thinking and he really demonstrated what quality service is all about. Friendly, punctual and willing to go the extra mile. Give this man a promotion and a raise!

Aaron Orrico

Todd with A/C Rescue was assigned to my repair by Landmark Home warranty. The appointment was confirmed on Friday by A/C Rescue for the following Monday after Landmark was notified of a unit on my home not cooling. A second confirmation was sent Monday via text and email from both Landmark and A/C Rescue. Then Todd my repair tech texted me his timeframe for the morning and followed up with another text when he was 15 minutes away. Todd arrived within his promised window and as a bonus, I received a text to track his arrival to my house. This was great for me as I was able to work up to the minute he arrived. Once Todd was at my home, he asked questions about what the A/C unit was doing. I told him the issue and my layman’s diagnosis. Within 5 minutes he checked the unit, confirmed the problem and had it running within 10 minutes. Todd then checked my other units for proper freon levels and gave me some expert advice on maintaining the A/C units during the harsh hot months to come. Todd and I spent a few minutes chatting while he wrote up the very, very reasonable bill. Such a great guy and definitely an asset to A/C Rescue. At the end we maintained good old social distancing guidelines and with a namaste and wave, he said give us a call if anything happens. I am glad I can request A/C Rescue next time through Landmark. I was impressed!

Ryan Guckes

Todd came by today and was an absolute pleasure to work with! He helped get our AC fixed and working again. He was extremely professional and great to work with, even told me which braker of ours is heat (only cooling is labeled). Thanks!

Nancy Theresa Cyr